HOWTO: OpenWRT and Fiddler for HTTP and HTTPS Transparent Proxy traffic capture – Part 1


  • Setup a Hyper-V test lab for capturing traffic from an Android client.
  • Use OpenWRT as the routing gateway for the private VM network and Transparent Proxy HTTP and HTTPS traffic to Fiddler.
  • Config Fidder for traffic capture.

See Also:

Notes on the OpenWRT installation

The OpenWRT installation basically follows the guide at Here a few more tips for building the Hyper-V image:

  • Configure the Hyper-V virtual switch for the connection to the physical network and a private virtual machine network to the VM.

  • Create a new Hyper-V machine with the following settings:
    • 1 virtual processor and 64MB memory (You don’t need too much power for OpenWRT)
    • 2 Legacy Network Adapters (This is important. There’s no driver for the standard Network Adapter)
    • Bind the adapters to the physical and private virtual network.

  • Create the OpenWRT disk image

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