KB: How to create a web server SSL certificate with makecert.exe

Assuming you have the signing certificate and private key in the “Personal” cert store of the current user.

makecert.exe -is my -ir CurrentUser -in “signing_cert_name” -pe -n CN=”host.jeffchiu.com” -eku -ss my -sr CurrentUser -sky exchange -m 12

  • -is:    Issuer’s certificate store name.
  • -ir:    Issuer’s certificate store location.
  • -in:    Issuer’s certificate common name.
  • -pe:    Mark generated private key as exportable.
  • -n:    Certificate subject X500 name.
  • -eku:    Comma separated enhanced key usage OIDs.
    •    :    Server Authentication
    • :    Client Authentication
  • -sky:    Subject key type.
  • -ss:    Subject’s certificate store name that stores the output certificate.
  • -sr:    Subject’s certificate store location.
  • -m:    The number of months for the cert validity period

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