KB: Save and clear Fiddler sessions periodically by ExecAction.exe and Task Scheduler

  1. Edit CustomRules.js and look for function OnExecAction()

  2. Add a new custom action to the switch(sAction){} case statement

    e.g. the following “dailydump” action will save the captured sessions to C:\temp\

    case “dailydump”:


    if(FiddlerObject.UI.lvSessions.SelectedItems.Count > 0){





  3. Add a new task in Task Scheduler to run ExecAction.exe your_custom_action_name

KB: Select Tor Exit Node by Country and IP Range

  1. Edit “torrc
  2. Add “StrictNodes 1
  3. Add “ExitNodes {2-digit ISO country code}” to specify exit node by country
  4. Add “ExitNodes {IP subnet}” to specify exit node by IP range